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Path Pregnancy Clinic is a solution for men and women experiencing the intimidating and often overwhelming situation of unplanned pregnancy. We offer guidance and support for those in the Boise area in a caring, judgment-free environment. Path Pregnancy Clinic is a valuable resource when facing pregnancy-related questions, concerns, and options. If you or a loved one is experiencing early pregnancy symptoms and are seeking advice, contact Path Pregnancy Clinic.

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The Path to Confidence

Path Pregnancy Clinic exists to offer hope, provide care, and give confidence to those facing sexual health and pregnancy-related decisions so that no one walks alone.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Am I pregnant? The first signs of pregnancy can vary from pregnancy-to-pregnancy. The initial signs of pregnancy normally appear within a week or two of a missed period, though this isn’t always the case. Some pregnant women don’t experience any early pregnancy symptoms. So, how do you know if you're pregnant? Path Pregnancy Clinic has a handy pregnancy guide to help you discover if you might be pregnant.

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Pregnancy Testing

We offer pregnancy testing for Boise area clients at no cost. Pregnancy testing at Path Pregnancy Clinic is administered by our medically trained staff and are extremely accurate. After the pregnancy test results we provide client advocates to answer your questions in a supportive and informative environment.

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Stories of Hope


Path Pregnancy Clinic is a faith based charity designed to help Boise area residents facing unplanned pregnancy. Donations are 100% tax deductible and make a difference at our Boise clinic. As a Christian charity we hold life affirming values but do not pass judgment on our clients. Path Pregnancy Clinic is fueled by the donations of our supporters including their time, talent, and treasure.

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Path Pregnancy Clinic is Boise’s most trusted resource for people facing unplanned pregnancy. All of our services are provided at no cost in a confidential and caring environment.

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