Stories of Hope


Alyssa, 17, came to Path with a very heavy heart. She knew she was pregnant but lacked support, even though she was still living at home with her parents. In fact, her mother had not only cancelled her doctor’s appointment, but became violent, giving Alyssa a concussion. The mother said she wouldn't take her daughter to the doctor unless it was for an abortion! When Alyssa turned to her father for help, he meekly supported his wife.

But Alyssa is a strong young woman. She refused to be pressured into an abortion and reached out to Path for help. After talking with her client advocate, Alyssa had an ultrasound exam. She was excited to see a well-formed 17-week old baby who appeared to be a “boy”! She was further along than she originally thought, but was happy to see how active he was. She told her client advocate, "you made my week - my month - my year!"

Her advocate encouraged her to continue taking healthy steps for herself and her baby and reinforced her life-affirming decision. So Alyssa moved out of her house, enrolled in the teen mom program at Marian Prichard High School, and scheduled a follow-up appointment.

Alyssa was living with friends and continued to be intimidated and pressured by her family to abort. Her boyfriend was charged with statutory rape, and even received threatening phone calls from the mother. The charges were later dropped, but it created a lot of stress for Alyssa and her baby. She continued to come to Path for emotional support, prayer and educational advice in preparation for the birth of her son. In July, Alyssa gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Camden!

— Alyssa tells us she’s never been happier and she recently married her boyfriend! Help Path continue to help women like Alyssa with your generous financial support!

Kalilla & Harold

"When I came to Path last Feb, I was freaking out! I thought I might be pregnant and turns out, I was 18 weeks along!! I was so scared and unsure of how I was feeling or what I should do. I felt forced into a decision I had no control of (I know now that’s not true, but that was how I felt at the time). I had never really seen kids in my future and I had no clue what I was going to do, but talking to Path really helped me that day, and put my heart at ease.

On June 8th I gave birth to a baby boy, Harold. He was about 3 ½ weeks early and only 5.6 lbs, but healthy and perfect as can be! He’s now 23 weeks old!! I can’t believe it!! This little man, has so blessed my life. God had a plan for me and I’m SO glad he knows better than we do! I never saw children in my life, but I do love this human, and I do love being a mom. He fills my heart with so much unbelievable happiness, I can’t for a second imagine my life any other way.

When I was pregnant, my boyfriend and I had pretty much no family here, but because of the baby, my mom moved back to Idaho, which has been a huge blessing for us.

I would love for my experience to encourage someone else in a similar position. This is the GREATEST gift, and God has a plan for us, even if it’s not the plan we had for ourselves.Thank you Path for being there for me when I needed the support and help. I don’t know what I would have done without you!"

— Kalilla and Baby Harold.

Path Strengthens Families

Concerned about bringing a baby into a crumbling marriage, Jackie* and her husband, Carl*, came to Path for a pregnancy test. Jackie had recently filed for a divorce because of Carl's drinking and physical abuse. Her ultrasound indicated she was 8-weeks pregnant, causing her to burst into tears.

Jackie was keeping a secret, she had been unfaithful to her husband. The baby was not his.

Jackie was devastated. Her life-choices didn't line up with her faith in Christ. Her client advocate stressed God’s love and forgiveness. This was an opportunity to change.

Jackie felt hope.

She was encouraged to make better choices for her and her child. Feeling empowered, she told her husband the truth. Carl felt remorse, but since their visit to Path, he has been making better choices, including sobriety. Jackie and Carl are working to repair their marriage.

Because of your support and prayers, Path continues to walk alongside this precious couple offering hope, providing care, and giving them confidence to face their future as a family.

*Names of individuals with an * symbol have been changed to protect their identity

Baby One Has Come

After having several miscarriages, Rebecca* was feeling anxious about her pregnancy and in desperate need of reassurance. In the very first week of being open, Path Pregnancy Clinic was able to step in and help her be more confident about the child she was carrying. Our client advocates were able to provide care for Rebecca and equip her with prenatal education, vitamins, and Medicaid information. She left feeling hopeful.

Rebecca and her boyfriend welcomed their healthy baby boy into the world on May 16, 2017. They are excited about this new addition to their lives and look forward to being married this summer. Path is grateful for your prayers and support that made it possible for us to be there for Rebecca when she needed us.

And Then There Were TWO

Chelsea* wasn't planning on being a thirty-something single parent when she came to Path in October. At this time in her life, pregnancy was anything but convenient. Having very little support from family or friends, and a fragile relationship with the baby’s father, Chelsea was vulnerable to abortion.

After spending time with her Client Advocate, Chelsea left with helpful resources, confidence to have her baby, and hope for their future together. Her Client Advocate has continued to stay in touch with Chelsea, and on May 31st she delivered a baby boy!

We received this note from Chelsea shortly after Path's second baby was born, “Everyone at Path made me feel so welcome and helped me through a wonderful, yet emotional time. Thank you so much. I will never forget it!”

With More To Come

Since our Grand Opening in September of 2016, Path has had the opportunity to offer HOPE, provide CARE, and give CONFIDENCE to many women and families in the Treasure Valley. Our clients receive pregnancy services, ultrasounds, counseling, education, resources, past abortion pregnancy loss support, and emotional support all for FREE. Because of your monthly donations, we have had the privilege of praying with clients, and sharing the hope of Jesus in hopeless times.

PLEASE PRAY: For all women in need of our services, for the fathers, and for our team to have the ability to meet their needs.... 

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