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Facing an unintended pregnancy? Not sure what to do? We can help you find the support and resources you need to make an informed decision. You will receive compassionate and personalized care in a welcoming environment. To schedule an appointment, please call 208.384.9504 or just drop by, walk-ins are welcome. Path offers all services free of charge.

Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy Tests

If you think you might be pregnant, you will be given a lab quality urine pregnancy test and meet with a medical professional. Already taken a home pregnancy test? If it is positive, it is important to have a pregnancy confirmation from a healthcare provider and become educated on your pregnancy options. If you took a home pregnancy test and the result was negative, we can recheck you and make sure it wasn’t a false negative.


If you receive a positive pregnancy test, Path will offer you a free ultrasound, performed by a trained medical professional. This will help confirm the viability (health) and location (uterus) of your pregnancy, and determine how far along you are.

Non-Judgmental Client Advocates

Learning you are pregnant can be overwhelming. Path provides compassionate, personalized care and your Client Advocate will help you feel confident in your decision. At Path you are valued and we want to make sure you have a pressure-free place to fully explore your options and figure out your next step.

Prenatal Education And Resources

Whatever you choose to do with your pregnancy, we want to be there for you, before, during, and after your decision. We offer support, resources, referrals, and a safe place to talk and be heard, all along the way. Our team specializes in parenting, adoption, and post-abortion care so that you have hope and confidence to take that next step.

Path is a non-profit organization serving the Treasure Valley that provides medical, educational, and support services to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies and their families free of charge.

Schedule Pregnancy Test

Am I Pregnant? If you are wondering about possible early symptoms of pregnancy, you can put your mind at ease at Path Pregnancy Clinic. Medical pregnancy tests are more scientific proof of whether you are expecting or not.

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Path Pregnancy Clinic is Boise’s most trusted resource for people facing unplanned pregnancy. All of our services are provided at no cost in a confidential and caring environment.

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